VFK moves to the top of the table - first win for Leichlingen

VfK Berlin has taken the lead in the men's 1st Bundesliga North. Against field bronze medal winner TV Brettorf, the capital city team won clearly with 5:1. Leichlinger TV also celebrated its first win of the season against Ahlhorn.


The VfK fistballers started their home match against TV Brettorf with a 0:1 (9:11) set deficit, before the team around attacker Lukas Schubert benefited from the Lower Saxons' own errors. After a clear 11:6 in the second set, Berlin was already leading comfortably in set three before the guests fought back once again - until in some close block duels the points went to the VfK's account (13:11). After the set break, it was then a sovereign affair, the capitals made with 11:5, 11:6 and 11:3 the second season's victory perfect and climbed in the table with 10:1 sets, past the match-free TSV Hagen 1860, to first place, reported https://onlinecricket.bet/.

Also two victories - in addition however already with in each case a defeat on the account - have in this season the TK Hanover and SV Armstorf. The SVA won the direct encounter in their own hall with 5:3. After Armstorf took the lead in the first set (11:9), the match seemed to tilt in the direction of Hanover after the close second set, who took the lead with 14:12 and 11:1 and also countered the intermediate 2:2 equalization (5:11, 11:9).

After that, however, the hosts, cheered on by their vociferous fans, dominated the action and celebrated their second win of the season with 11:7, 11:7 and 11:9. The Leinestadt team was able to celebrate their second win of the season the following day. In their own hall Hannover won 5:2 (10:12, 11:6, 11:2, 11:9, 12:10, 6:11, 11:0) against VfL Kellinghusen, who had to cope with the loss of attacker Sascha Heidrich in the course of the match and are two defeats down at the bottom of the table for the time being.


Also still without success is Ahlhorner SV. After the defeat against Armstorf at the start, there was also nothing to be gained against Leichlinger TV. After the 5-0 defeat against VfK Berlin the week before, LTV showed a lot of stability and took a 4:1 lead in the meantime. At ASV, even the comeback of attacker Christoph Johannes did not bring the desired turnaround - Leichlingen won 5:1 (11:5, 6:11, 11:7, 11:7, 13:11, 6:11, 11:7) and occupies fifth place in the table with 2:2 points.

Next weekend, the still winless teams from Ahlhorn and Kellinghusen will meet, the latter also playing at SV Armstorf. Top of the table VfK Berlin visits TK Hannover, second TSV Hagen 1860 asks Leichlingen for a duel in NRW.