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Many companies specializing in VR are waiting in the wings. They are waiting to conquer the virtual and augmented reality market with their innovative products. The products are not yet part of the mainstream. However, the prerequisite for the expected VR hype is first of all the mass sale of the glasses required for this particularly intensive media experience. But the head-mounted displays are not yet very popular with consumers - perhaps that will change abruptly with this year's Christmas sales.

Nevertheless, the first providers of VR applications in the field of entertainment and gaming have now reached the profit zone. In contrast, other providers are still struggling to find an interested and willing audience for their products. It must be taken into account that every VR program incurs extremely high development costs.

Overall, the prices for VR glasses are probably still too high to be affordable for a broad audience of gamers or people interested in entertainment. Market observers expect this to change abruptly as soon as noticeable price reductions take effect. As with all new hardware, be it smartphones, tablets or game consoles, it is primarily technology-enthusiastic trendsetters who buy the devices at the beginning. To make matters worse, all participants have to own the appropriate glasses for interactive gaming or other VR applications.

Nevertheless, confidence is the order of the day: a study by International Data Corporation dares to forecast that sales of VR in Western Europe alone are expected to rise to a total of USD 2.5 billion in 2017. This would correspond to an increase of more than 130 percent compared to the previous year. In this context, the B2B sector is just as important as demand from private consumers. More and more industrial companies in exness mt4 download are taking advantage of professional VR applications. Here, the price of the hardware is also likely to be a far less decisive purchasing criterion than for consumers.

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Possible winners

As with almost all technical innovations, the USA is also a pioneer in VR. The largest number of consumers, companies and institutions worldwide are currently taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this new virtual reality. The Japanese dominance among providers of VR products is just as dominant. According to serious studies, Sony is way out in front with its Playstation VR goggles; after all, 60 percent of all users in the U.S. put on this device to move around in virtual reality. The Sony group dominates its home market even more clearly, where it achieves a huge market share of 90 percent in the field of VR.

The Samsung Gear VR goggles open up new worlds for the user, and its plus points include the uncomplicated handling with the Oculus operating menu. Samsung can also convince with its relatively low prices. However, according to test reports, this seems to be at the expense of the wearing comfort of the glasses: They fit very tightly and hardly allow air exchange. However, those who are concerned with VR and the resulting profit prospects should not forget China with its almost infinite number of potential users. There, for example, the Vive glasses of the manufacturer HTC from Taiwan are very well received. In addition, further developments in China are also considered particularly exciting because this country will probably be the first to introduce VR on a large scale for applications in education.

It remains very exciting

Hardly any other industry is currently in the spotlight as much as virtual reality. Whether this fascinating innovation will succeed in gaining a widespread foothold within a short period of time remains an open question. On the other hand, it already seems certain that Sony will have the edge, at least in gaming.


    Currently, private consumers still exercise restraint when buying VR devices and applications.
    In contrast, the industrial use of VR is becoming increasingly important.
    Experts expect VR to achieve a global breakthrough in the next few years.
    There is much to suggest that Sony will be able to maintain or even expand its market leadership in VR gaming.