FDJ: Win up to €50,000 with Les Mystères du Mage

La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is back in force with a new illiko game! Called "Les Mystères du Mage", this online-only title invites its players to travel through magical worlds to try to win up to €50,000!

Les Mystères du Mage

What exactly is "Mysteries of the Magician"?

This is the latest title in the illiko range available on the fdj.fr platform. This new virtual money game puts you in the role of a white-bearded sorcerer wearing a long robe and carrying a magic staff. Received bonuses can be used for various games, in particular, teen patti online cash game.

For a bet between 0.10 and 3 euros, "Les Mystères du Mage" gives its players a chance to win up to 50 000 euros!

How to play this title?

Players must first select one of the six worlds available: the world of air, the world of water, the world of ice, the world of desert, the world of jungle and finally the world of lava. Each of them offers a different stake ranging from 0.10 to 3 euros.

Les Mystères du Mage

Once in one of these worlds, players must click the "GO" button three times, which will bring up different symbols. If they find six similar winning symbols, they win the associated reward.

Players have the opportunity to collect magic in worlds that have the "lightning" symbol. If they manage to collect 16 such symbols, they can completely fill their magic gauge, which gives them access to an "Extra" game.