America. 1930s. The main character of the painting is a young girl named Grace. She escaped from home and went on the road in search of a better life. On the way, a lot of trouble happened to her. But the main thing, she managed to configure one gang against himself. And now her members follow the Grace on the heels, dreaming to punish the abuser. And the fate of the girl started her in a small town of Dogville. It lives only 22 people, a third of which children live. Grace asks for permission to stay in the city. But local residents have accustomed to avoid other people over many years. They do not want to let alone strangers. <br />
<br />
Therefore, at first they decided to simply drive Grace. True, then one of the inhabitants of Dogville stood up for a girl. He persuaded others to give Grace Chance. And local residents decided to leave our heroine for a trial period. For two weeks, she must arrange all the inhabitants of Dogville. Over time, her new neighbors penetrated Grace with love. But now the inhabitants got a difficult question. They are willing to leave Grace. But Hanggers still go through her trail. And there is no one to protect the girl. Only residents of Dogville. <br /> paskolos internetu ir greitieji kreditai visiems - bedarbiams, automobiliui, bankai, su vekseliu iš privačių asmenų, paskolų refinansavimas be užstato, sms kreditas