How to distinguish a legal bookmaker from an illegal one?

Without identity confirmation the user will not be able to deposit and bet.

Illegal or foreign bookmakers, on the contrary, allow betting immediately after creating an account. However, keep in mind that such companies will also ask the user for documents some time after registration.

Risks of betting without passport

Betting without a passport in foreign bookmaker offices are outside the jurisdiction of the law. Because of this, the player can face a lot of unpleasant situations, among them:

Non-payment of winnings

Under various pretexts, the bookmaker's office may refuse to pay the winnings, and the bet is calculated at odds of 1. In this case, the player is difficult to defend his rights.

Blocking of the bank account

Large players who withdraw their winnings to a bank card will face this problem. Since such funds come from foreign accounts, the bank will block them.

In addition, winnings are taxed in Bengladesh. If the user cooperates with legal bookmaker's offices, he will never have problems with the representatives of the authorities.

Forced verification

If a user registers with an illegal bookmaker's office and will often win by betting on sports without a passport, the company's employees will soon require documents to confirm their identity. Until the user passes the verification, his account will be frozen. He will not be able to make bets and withdraw funds.


Betting without a passport is popular among users, because due to the lack of payment of tax on winnings, the potential profit becomes larger. However, a player always risks losing his capital completely if he bets with an illegal bookmaker.

Professional bookmakers always bet with licensed companies It is enough to go through identification once, and then you can register at different bookmakers' offices without any problems and make bets right away.