Veteran Yoruba actor Charles Olumo Agbako cries for help over his terrible sickness

Nollywood veteran actor Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a Charles Olumo Agbako, has cried for help over a terrible sickness he is currently battling.

In a recent interview with BBC News Yoruba, the 98 year old legendary actor revealed that his sickness started years ago to the extent that he was rushed to the hospital and underwent a surgery.

Charles Olumo also disclosed that the pain returned excessively after the surgery was done successfully, stating he returned to the hospital where drugs were prescribed to reduce the pain.

Moving on, Charles Olumo Agbako disclosed that he had difficulty defecating again and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors revealed to him that his first surgery was not done properly.

However, he disclosed that he had been on medications to reduce the pain and had spent a lot.

“I notice I couldn’t defecate with ease. This made one of my sons take me to the hospital, and the doctor said I would have to undergo surgery.

“When I went back to complain, they prescribed some drugs to reduce pain and heal the wound.

“So fast forward to this year, I discover I find it difficult to defecate again, then I rush to the hospital, but it’s so sad I was told the sickness is back and worst because the first surgery was not properly done!

“I have since been on medications to reduce the pain, and I have spent a lot.”

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