Twitter User Cries Out Over “Fake” Bama Mayonnaise (Pictures)

A Twitter user @_ikwomma has taken to the bird app to raise an alarm, after buying a fake Bama mayonnaise.

So today I bought a fake Bama mayonnaise �. I knew something was off when I got it but I was in too much hurry to take a close look till I got home. They were some differences between this fake and the original Bama I’d want to share. A Thread….

1) The original comes in plastic, the other was in a bottle.
2)While the original has the stamp that says quality, the other doesn’t
3) Original Bama has its expiration date on the body, the fake has its expiration date on the cover
4)I knew something was definitely off when it wasn’t sealed.
5)The fake was also a lot thinner than the original Bama which was thick
6) The original had this table that had the nutritional facts of Bama, the fake didn’t.

See receipt below;

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