“She did her body” – Blessing Okoro exposes Nancy Isime

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing CEO has claimed actress Nancy Isime underwent body enhancement procedure.

Blessing CEO, who recently did liposuction to enhance her body, noted 90 percent of female celebrities have done their bodies but are not as bold as she was to come out clean with it.

She was a guest on the latest episode of “Frankly Speaking” podcast with Nedu, Naomi, Husband Material (Chukwudi) and Adetoun.

While having a discourse on the topic: ‘Is body enhancement a reaction to insecurity?” Nedu posed another direct question to Blessing CEO.

He quizzed to know the celebrities that have done Brazilian Butt Lift but hide under the guise of achieving a banging body through exercise.

‘Who are the people that did this BBL wey dey use exercise hide am?” Nedu asked.

Blessing responding, let out a good laugh and said: “Okay, I’m going to call one person that almost made me kill myself. And that’s Nancy Isime.

“I remember when I used to go to the gym. I bought all her gyms wear, I bought everything.

“In fact, when I get to the gym, they’ll tell me; that’s not how they used to carry it. I’ll be carrying weight.

One of the hosts cut in saying, “Nancy did not do body now. Nancy has always been fit.”

Nedu arguing, chipped in: “Nancy no do nyarsh now.”

Reiterating her words, the media personality stated: “She fixed her body! She do nyarsh o! They did nyarsh!! Ninety percent of celebrities have done their bodies.

“They are hiding it because not everyone has a tough skin like Blessing CEO.”

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