Pretty Mike Reveals Those Who His Content Is Made For

Popular socialite and businessman, Mike Nwogu, aka Pretty Mike, maintains that it is unacceptable for parents to allow their kids access to social media.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “The problem is not about opening Instagram pages for kids. The problem is allowing them to have access and control of it. There are many people that have opened Instagram pages for their kids but they (parents) are in total control of it. Instagram is for adults, not for kids. Allowing children to make posts on Instagram means that they have access to the world. That also means they would be talking to grown men and women.

“Most of the movies that many parents allow their kids watch should not be blamed on Nollywood. Actors should constantly remind the adults who the contents are made for, so that they either keep their kids away from it or explain better when they are watching it. Whatever kids see are interpreted in whichever way they desire if their parents are not there to guide them. There are certain information that their brains are not even ready to accept.”

Reacting to criticisms over the way he shows up at events, he said, “I have got a lot of criticism from people because of the way I appear at events. I let these people know that my content is strictly for adults. If you are going to allow your kids come to my Instagram page and watch what I post, you need to explain to them what I am doing and give them reasons too. But, most adults don’t do that. They would rather gossip or laugh about it, and they show the kids when they want to see it. That would make the kids interpret what they see in their own ways. For instance, if one allows their child to watch Kanayo Kanayo’s films, one must explain to the children that the actor does not do rituals in real life and that he is simply acting.”

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