7 most beautiful light-skinned damsels to grace the BBNaija show

All the women who have stepped into the Big Brother Naija house are beautiful but this is our list of the top 7 light-skinned beauties⁣

Big Brother Naija has had its fair share of light-skinned damsels, some are biracial and others are fully African. .⁣

This list was especially difficult to compile. Because when it comes beauty, these ladies shine from a mile off.⁣
‘Fine like winch’ is the slang used to describe these women.⁣

7. Tboss⁣
Tboss was part of the Double Wahala sect, and she was the belle of the season.⁣

It would be an injustice to have a list without including her.⁣

6. Nini⁣
Nini is an exceptionally beautiful woman with beautiful hair.⁣

She looks angelic and divine – everyone who has seen Nini in person is blown away by her beauty.⁣

5. Erica⁣

The queen of elites captured everyone with her beautiful smile.⁣

With her girl-next-door looks and charm Erica deserves a spot on this list.⁣

4. Tacha

Tacha is one of those naturally light-skinned women.⁣

She looks gorgeous with makeup and without it or any artificial enhancement of beauty.⁣

3. Venita⁣

This mother of two beauty is striking, heavenly and breathtaking.

Her big eyes and full lips are immensely attractive.

2. Maria⁣

Maria’s British heritage influences her features.⁣

With soft small facial features and a sharp bone structure, she claims the number two spot on this list.⁣

1. Nengi

Nengi trended from the first day she walked onto the Big Brother stage.

With an exotic, unique face that commands attention, she is the light-skinned queen of the Big Brother seasons so far.

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